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Aesop was an Ancient Greek storyteller and fabulist who is said to have written several fables known as Aesop's Fables. None of Aesop's writings have survived through the ages, however, his fables have been passed on through storytelling and have been attributed to him. Aesop is thought to have been born around 620 BC and to have died in 564 BC.
Aesop is the English version of the fabulist's name, which in Greek is Aisōpos.
The correct pronunciation of Aesop is EE-sop and not AY-sop. The reason Aesop is often mispronounced may be that it is a remnant of the Classical Latin pronunciation of "ae", which is pronounced like the word "eye" or the letter "i". The English pronunciation of "ae" is often split between a long "e" (ee) and a short "e" (eh). Examples of this difference can be found between the British pronunciation of Aeschylus and the American pronunciation of Aeschylus. Interestingly, the pronunciation of Aesop with a short "e" is rarely, if not ever, heard, while the Latin variant AY-sop has been somehow maintained.

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