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Aeschylus (US)

Aeschylus was an Ancient Greek playwright and tragedian (c. 525 BC - c. 456 BC). Aeschylus is generally considered the father of tragedy.
The pronunciation of Aeschylus found here is of the anglicized version of his name and not of the original name in Ancient Greek.
His name is pronounced differently depending on whether it is in British English or American English. The only difference, in this case, is the pronunciation of the "Ae" sound. In British English, "ae" is pronounced "ee", like in the word "see", while in American English, "ae" is pronounced with an "eh" sound like the "e" sound you hear at the beginning of the word "essay".
Phonetically, the correct way to pronounce Aeschylus in American English is transcribed as es-kill-ous. This differs from the British version of pronouncing it found here: Aeschylus (UK).

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