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How to pronounce Yirgacheffe
Yirgacheffe is a variety of coffee very much appreciated all over the world. It is produced in Ethiopia, in Central East Africa. These precious beans are grown in the homonymous region, sometimes transliterated as Yirgachefe or Irgachefe.
These fine Yirgacheffe beans become a high-quality Arabica coffee with a dense fruity sweetness.

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia and then exported all over the world. It looks like a young shepherd in Kaffa, the Ethiopian region were the first plants were discovered, realised that his goats, always slow and lazy, would get so excited after eating those unknown little fruits.

At first, coffee was cooked in a special way and then eaten. Only later it became the warm drink we all enjoy. Yirgacheffe is very much appreciated in Europe and in the United States.
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