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Skype is an is a telecommunications application used on various platforms that works by providing voice calls, video calls and conference calls through the internet. The company was created in 2003, in Estonia and was eventually bought by its current owner, Microsoft, in 2011.
The Skype derives from its full name "sky peer-to-peer", which was subsequently abbreviated to Skyper. However, the founders decided to change its name due to the fact that some domain names for Skyper were already taken. They therefore decided to drop the "r" in its name and use Skype.
The correct pronunciation of the name Skype in English is exactly how it is phonetically read; so for the sake of clarity Skype is pronounced as Skipe. Sometimes there is confusion on whether the "e" in Skype is pronounced with an "ee" sound, as Sky-pee. However, this is not the case.

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