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A schedule is a time-management tool which indicates a timetable of when certain tasks must be completed or when events are to take place.
The word schedule originally meant "piece of paper with writing on it", which was meant as the appendix to a document. The word schedule came into use in English through the Old French cedule, from the Latin schedula, which meant "meant strip of paper". The Latin word derived from the Ancient Greek skhida, which meant "splinter", from the verb "to split", used for splits of papyrus sheets.
In the mid-19th century, the meaning of schedule came to its current usage in regards to use with railways, where it meant "printed timetable".
The correct pronunciation of schedule in British English is sheh-jool. The "ch" in schedule is pronounced with an "sh" sound, as opposed to the American pronunciation of schedule, which contains a "k" sound. The reason schedule is pronounced with an "sh" sound in the UK is that its pronunciation was influenced from the Old French cedule, which had lost the "k" sound of Ancient Greek.

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