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How to pronounce Quesadilla [Explained]
A quesadilla is a typical Mexican dish consisting of a corn or flour tortilla which is filled with cheese and folded before being cooked on a griddle. When it is made with a single tortilla that is folded, it is called a half quesadilla, while it is a full quesadilla when it is made with two unfolded tortillas with a layer of cheese between them. Sometimes quesadillas can be made with additional ingredients such as meats, beans or spices. Quesadillas are usually served as appetizers or snacks, especially for children.
The original Mexican quesadilla is usually filled with Oaxaca cheese, while US variants often use different types of cheeses depending on the region.
The quesadilla derives from Colonial Mexico and consequently even the word quesadilla is not of native origin (based on Nahuatl). Rather, it is a word of Spanish origin that derives from the quesada dish, which is a dessert that contains cheese (quesa means cheese in Spanish). The word quesadilla evolved by adding the diminutive -illa, to quesada, thus forming quesadilla.
The correct pronunciation of quesadilla is keh-sah-DEE-yah.
The first point to not is that the stress is placed on the third syllable, -DEE.
In the first syllable, ​the "Q" is pronounced as a "K". Following the "K", the "u" in quesadilla is not pronounced, instead, a short "e" is pronounced, forming the -keh sound.
Another common mistake is to pronounce the "S" with a "Z" sound, when it is actually pronounced with an "S", as it appears.
The final important key to pronouncing quesadilla natively is that the double "L" is pronounced with a "Y" sound.
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