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Peridot is a gem-quality mineral often used to make jewelery that has a greenish, glassy appearance which is sometimes similar to emerald.
The correct pronunciation of peridot is strongly contended. The two variants of the pronunciation of peridot that are recorded in dictionaries are pear-ih-doe and pear-ah-dot. This is mainly due to the uncertain etymology of the word and whether it is truly a derivation from French or not. If the name peridot were derived from French, it would entail that the correct pronunciation ought to be pear-ih-doe. However, this derivation is uncertain; nonetheless it is often considered the correct pronunciation, especially by jewelers. However, the place where it was first mined in large quantity is a town called Peridot, Arizona, in the United States, where the town is pronounced as Pear-ah-dot. The problem is that the town was named after the stone, and not vice versa, making the pronunciation, Pear-ah-dot, an Americanization of the pronunciation. In virtue of the lost roots of the word and its near-ubiquitous variation amongst dictionaries, both pear-ih-doe and pear-ah-dot are considered acceptable pronunciations of peridot in English, so they are both included in the audio pronunciation.

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