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How to pronounce La Jolla [Explained]
La Jolla is a community in the city of San Diego, in California. La Jolla is located in a hilly area on the seaside on the Southmost side of California.
The etymology of the name La Jolla is uncertain. La Jolla was originally named mat kulaaxuuy, which means "land of holes", by the indigenous population, the Kumeyaay. It is unknown to which holes the name refers to. Some have suggested that La Jolla is the transcription of the original name by Spanish settlers, whilst others have asserted that it is an alternative spelling to the phrase la joya, meaning "the jewel". In virtue of this second purported name, the city holds the nickname of "Jewel City".
The correct pronunciation of La Jolla is Lah HOY-ah. The "j" in Jolla is pronounced as an "h" in Spanish. The double "l", instead is pronounced as a "y" in Spanish, resulting in the pronunciation of HOY-ah. Another note of caution: The "La" is pronounced as -lah in Spanish and not -luh as can be frequently heard by English speakers.
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