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Ibiza is a Spanish island that is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, which constitute an autonomous community of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. While Ibiza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is particularly famous for its nightlife in clubs and on beaches. It is one of the most highly touted summer club scenes, with its specially tending towards electronic dance music.
Ibiza's official name is in Catalan and is Eivissa, but the island is better known around the world in its Spanish name, Ibiza. The name Ibiza derives from the Arabic word Yabisah, which in English translates to "landward".
The correct pronunciation of Ibiza in Spanish is ee-bee-thah. The "I" is pronounced with an -ee sound like the word "bee" and not like the word "eye", as is often pronounce by British English speakers. It is also worth noting that the "i" is not pronounced with an "ih" sound, like the word "invisible", as is sometimes heard by American English speakers. The second part, -bee, also pronounces the "i" with an "ee" sound. The last part, -thah is pronounced with a "th" like in the word "the" and not with a "z" sound like "zebra". However, it is important to note that is the common pronunciation in Spain; other speakers in Latin America, for example, will pronounce the "z" with an "s" sound, making it ee-bee-sah.

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