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Hermann Rorschach

08/11/1884 - 01/04/1922
Hermann Rorschach was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who is best-known for creating the Rorschach inkblot test. Hermann Rorschach was well-schooled in art from a young age, given that his father was an art teacher. He was particularly interested in klecksography, the practice of making art from inkblots, to the point that he was nicknamed Klex at school. Rorschach then completed medical school and studied psychiatry, where he continued to develop his Rorschach test as a psychometric test, to identify personality traits and disorders.
The correct pronunciation of Hermann Rorschach is Hehr-mahnn Rohr-shah(k).
The first syllable in his first name, -her, is pronounced like the word "hair". The second syllable, -mann, contains an open "a" that is pronounced with an "ah" sound.
The first syllable in his first name, -ror, is pronounced similarly to the word "roar", but with a more open "o" sound, making it sound like -rohr. The second syllable in Rorschach, -schach, begins with a simple "sh" sound, followed by an open "ah" sound. The last part, the "ch" is a bit tricky because it is like a sort of "rolled h" at the end of the "ah" sound, which is represented by the "(k)". In the audio pronunciation, you will hear that it is similar to the "ch" in the word Loch, which is common to the Gaelic languages or other languages such as Hebrew.

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