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How to pronounce Moschino [Explained]
Franco Moschino is an Italian fashion designer who founded the Italian luxury fashion house and brand Moschino. Moschino was founded in Milan in 1983. The brand specializes in clothing, handbags and luggage, accessories, shoes and fragrances.
The correct pronunciation of Moschino in Italian is Moh-skee-noh. 
Moschino is often pronounced the wrong way in English.
First of all, the first syllable is not pronounced as -mow, but it is pronounced as -moh, with a short "o", which means it is pronounced with an "oh" sound.
The second syllable is commonly mispronounced in English because the "sch" is pronounced as "sh". However, in general in Italian, the "ch" is pronounced with a "k" sound. The following "i" is then pronounced as a long "e", which means an "ee" sound.
The third syllable is pronounced like the first one, so once again the "o" is pronounced with an "oh" sound and not an "ow".
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