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Edi Rama

Edi Rama, whose full name is Edvin Kristaq Rama, is an Albanian politician who is the current Prime Minister of Albania. Edi Rama was previously known as a writer, a painter and a publicist, alongside being a former basketball player and pedagogue. He was previously the Mayor of Tirana and has been the Chairman of the Socialist Party of Albania (PSSh) since 2005. Rama has often been criticized for his attacks on the media, censorship of free speech and for his alleged electoral fraud.
The correct pronunciation of Edi Rama in Albanian is Eh-dee Rah-mah. The "E" in his first name, Edi, is pronounced as a closed "e", as you would pronounce the "e" in the word "trepidation". In his last name, Rama, both "a"s are pronounced as open, pronouncing an "ah" sound.

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