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How to pronounce Crayon
A crayon is a pastel or stick made of charcoal, wax or chalk that is usually used for drawing or coloring. Because crayons are not toxic, they are often used by children for coloring.
The history of the crayon is not fully known. However, the word crayon is a French word that originally meant chalk pencil in the 16th century. The word crayon had developed from the word craie, which means chalk, that was derived from the Latin creta, which means "Earth". The word crayon then definitively became the word for pencil in French.
The pronunciation of pencil varies between British English and American English. In the UK, crayon is pronounced as cray-uhn, as heard in the first audio pronunciation. In the US, instead, crayon is pronounced as cray-on. As heard in the American pronunciation, the second in the audio pronunciation, the stress is pronounced on the second second syllable, the -on part.
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