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How to pronounce Chamomile [Explained]
Chamomile or Camomile are plants similar to daisies that are used to make herbal infusions or tea. Chamomile has been historically used for its purported health benefits, of which there is some limited evidence. Chamomile infusions are most commonly used to combat insomnia and as a remedy for anxiety.
The word chamomile ultimately derives from the Greek word khamaimēlon, which means "earth apple", whereby khamai literally translates to "on the ground" and mēlon translates to "apple".
Chamomile is spelled differently in the American English and British English. In American English it is spelled as chamomile, with an "h". In British English, Chamomile is spelled as Camomile without the "h". The difference in the spelling of chamomile between the US and the UK is due to the fact the British spelling is a derivation from the French word for chamomile, which is camemile.
The pronunciation of chamomile is also different between American English and British English.
In American English, there are two accepted ways to pronounce chamomile. The first pronunciation of chamomile is Kam-oh-meel. In this case, the final syllable is pronounced like the word "meal". The second pronunciation of Chamomile is Kam-oh-mile, where the final syllable is pronounced like the word "mile".
In British English, only the second pronunciation of chamomile, Kam-oh-mile, is commonly used. Even if the spelling is different in the first syllable, in both cases the first syllable is pronounced as -kam.
In the audio pronunciation, you will hear both pronunciations, with Kam-oh-meel followed by Kam-oh-mile.
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