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Caribbean (US)

How to pronounce Caribbean (US)
The Caribbean is a general area which is part of the the Americas and includes the Caribbean sea, its islands and some of the coasts that are contiguous to it.
The Caribbean includes 13 sovereign states and 17 dependent territories, comprising a multitude of different ethnicities, languages and religions. The 13 sovereign states of the Caribbean include Jamaica, Cuba, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Barbados and Haiti. In the majority of the sovereign states the official language is English or Spanish, especially due to colonization.
The name of the Caribbean region derives from the indigenous ethnic group of the Caribs.
The correct pronunciation of Caribbean is disputed, with the main difference being where the stress on each syllable must be pronounced. Historically, it has been suggested that in American English the stress is on the second syllable, so the correct pronunciation of Caribbean in the US would be Ka-RIB-ee-uhn, as heard in the audio pronunciation. However, the traditionally British pronunciation of Caribbean has expanded in use in the United States as well.
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