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How to pronounce Bourgeois
Bourgeois is a French word that means middle or upper middle class.
The use of bourgeois is often associated with economic materialism and the protection of capitalistic values to maintain one's social position in the middle class.
The word bourgeois derives from burg, the Old Frankish word for "town" and developed into burgeis in Old French, which means "town dweller". Bourgeois meant town dweller because, in medieval France, those living in towns were the middle class between the peasants and the landlords.
The correct pronunciation of bourgeois is BOOR-zhwah.
The "ou" in the first syllable of bourgeois is pronounced like a double "o". The following "r" is technically pronounced with a guttural "r" that is typical of French.
In the second syllable, the "g", which is transcribed as "zh" is pronounced exactly like the "s" in "measure". The final "eois" in bourgeois is actually easy to pronounce, as it equates to a "wah" sound.
While bourgeois is often used as an adjective and less frequently as a noun, the term bourgeoisie is the noun form that indicates the middle class.
The correct pronunciation of bourgeoisie is boor-zhwah-ZEE.
The only differences in pronunciation between bourgeois and bourgeoisie that the primary accent moves to the final syllable and that you add -zee to the end, which is pronounced like the letter "z" in American English.
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