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How to pronounce Baphomet [Explained]
Baphomet is a divinity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping. The figure of Baphomet then became incorporated in practices of the occult.
It is often drawn as a human with a goat's head or as a goat's head in a pentagram.
The etymology of Baphomet is uncertain, but it is probable that it has its origin in the Old French word for the prophet Muhammad, Mahomet.
The name Baphomet was imported into English through Old French. This is relevant to how Baphomet should be pronounced. Baphomet is often mispronounced as Ba-foe-met. The correct pronunciation of Baphomet, instead, should follow the French pronunciation, which means that the final "t" should not be pronounced. The correct pronunciation of Baphomet is therefore Ba-foh-meh. Given how a final "et" is pronounced in French, Baphomet should not be pronounced as Ba-foe-may. In addition, the "pho" in Baphomet should be pronounced with a more open "o", making it -foh, rather than -foe.
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