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The French term balayage (the name literally meaning: sweeping, cleaning, brushing), indicates a new hair colouring technique. This fashionable method consists in highlighting the tips of your hair in order to provide a sun-kissed natural look.
Balayage is not as simple as hair dyeing, that means that an hairdresser must be skilled to perform this procedure. First of all, they will lighten up some areas of your hair (usually the tips) and afterwards, they will dye the same areas with a lighter tone, which will suit the natural colour of your hair and your complexion.
Balayage gives a natural healthy look and it works for dark and light hair.
The correct pronunciation of balayage in French is bah-lay-ahge, where the last part, -ahge, is like saying the word "age" with an open "a", by starting to make an "ah" sound.
Before deciding you a need a balayage, make sure you are able to correctly pronounce this French word.

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