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How to pronounce Azure [Explained]
Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing service that provides services for businesses and large enterprises. Azure provides businesses with Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) and is used for running, testing and building applications run through its data centers.
Microsoft named its product Azure because in English azure is a cyan-blue and bright color that is often used to describe the color of the sky. So the word Azure was chosen because Microsoft's platform is cloud-based, and clouds reside in the sky.
The color azure takes its name from the mineral lapis lazuli, which is a mineral with an intense blue color. The name then was adapted from Latin to French, and then from French to English, where it finally reached the modern spelling and use as azure.
The correct pronunciation of Azure is AH-szure. 
This is how employees at Microsoft pronounce because it follows how Microsoft's current CEO pronounces Azure.
It is important to note that the stress must be pronounced on the first syllable, in which the "a" is pronounced as a short "a", which means with an "ah" sound. The "z" in azure is then pronounced like the "s" in "pleasure". A simple way to learn how to pronounce Azure is to say the word "sure" but substituting the "sh" sound with the "s" from "pleasure" and adding the "ah" in front of it. 
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