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The almond is a type of tree and is also the name of the tree's seed, known as the almond nut, which is edible and widely consumed around the world in virtue of its nutritional value, especially in terms of vitamins, minerals and its effect in the reduction of heart disease. The almond is native to Iran, but is cultivated profusely around the globe.
The almond is considered by most as a nut, but technically it is not. Instead, the almond is botanically considered as a drupe.
The correct pronunciation of almond in English is a frequent source of confusion. The debate around how you should pronounce almond centers around whether the "L" is silent or not. Until very recently the "L" in almond was considered silent and followed the same pronunciation rule as the word salmon. However, the pronunciation of almond with a pronounced "L" has spread to the point where dictionaries accept this form of pronunciation, so it is now considered acceptable to pronounce it in both ways.
Nonetheless, almond with a silent "L" is still frequent enough to be considered as the proper, traditional pronunciation. Hence, from a purist's point of view, almond is pronounced as aah-mund.

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