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Adidas is a German sportswear company and brand founded by German entrepreneur Adolf Dassler. Adidas is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world after Nike. They were initially only a shoe manufacturer, but then moved into sports clothing and accessories in general, and eventually evolved into a multinational corporation.
The name Adidas derives from Adi, the founder's nickname, and from the first three letters of his surname Dassler, thus constructing Adi-Das.
The correct pronunciation of the Adidas is therefore in German and is pronounced based on how you would pronounce the name "Adi" and the word "Das" in German. Adidas is commonly mispronounced in the English-speaking world because of the positioning of the accents, where the central syllable, -dee is stressed. People often refer to the brand as Uh-dee-dus, but this mispronounces the name "Adi", which should be said as Ah-dee, with an open "A" sound and stressing the -ah rather than the -dee. You then add the sound "dahs", with an "A" sound rather than a "U" sound and the stress should be on the final "A" in Adidas. So the proper way to pronounce Adidas is Ahdee-dahs.

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