Unpronounceable Sardinia

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If your holiday destination this year is Sardinia, a beautiful Italian island, be prepared to deal with some very difficult names to pronounce. It is not a big surprise: in its ancient history, the Sardinian dialect has been influenced by many languages, from Catalan to Spanish and from Tuscan to Genoese. The result is an almost incomprehensible language with unpronounceable place names. Here are some examples.

Barumini Macomer
Baunei Ollastra Simaxis
Cheremule Palau
Dorgali Perdasdefogu
Illorai Perdaxius
Jerzu Sarroch
Lotzorai Simaxis
Maracalagonis Trexenta
Noragugume Tuvixeddu
Nuoro Villasimius
01 febbraio 2024
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