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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a national park in the United States that is located in Central California. Yosemite has been a World Heritage site since 1984 and is famous for its cliffs, waterfalls, sequoia groves and great biological diversity.
The name Yosemite derives from the Native American tribes known as Miwoks, where Yosemite means "killer" in the Miwok language and referred to a tribe that was wiped out during the Mariposa War. The area was known by indigenous people as Ahwahnee, meaning big mouth, which described the physical makeup of the area.
The correct pronunciation of the name Yosemite is Yoh-sem-ih-tee. The first "o"  must be pronounced in an open fashion and not with a closed "yoe" sound like the word "yo-yo".

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