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How to pronounce Tucson
Tucson is a city in Arizona, in the United States. It is the second most-populated city in Arizona, after Phoenix.
The name Tucson derives from its Spanish name Tucsón, which in turn derives from the O'odham language, an indigenous language spoken in Arizona and in Northern Sonora, Mexico. In O'odham, the name of the area was known as Cuk Ṣon, which meant "at the base of the black hill", referring to Sentinal Peak, in the Tucson Mountains.
The correct pronunciation of Tucson in English is Too-sohn. First of all, the "c" is completely silent and the "u" is not pronounced as you would in English, but as you would in Spanish, therefore pronouncing -too. The "o" in -sohn is a very open "o" that is pronounced similarly to how you would pronounce the "o" in the word "block".
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