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The tarot is a pack of playing cards that was originally used a in the 15th century to play games, but during the 18th century its use changed to its common usage today, for cartomancy. Tarots now are used for card reading and divination purposes in the field of occultism.
The word tarot derives from the Italian name, "tarocchi", which is of unknown origin. While in English tarot is singular, in Italian it is referred to in the plural, "tarocchi" rather than the singular "tarocco". How the word developed into tarot in English is unclear, but most probably it developed through French.
The correct pronunciation of tarot in English slightly varies depending on usage of British English or American English. In any case, the "t" in tarot is never pronounced. In British English, tarot is pronounced as tah-row, while in American English tarot is pronounced as teh-row. In the audio pronunciation, you will hear how to pronounce tarot in Britain and then in the US.

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