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Poutine is a dish from Québec and is often considered central to Québécois cuisine. Poutine is often considered as Canada's national dish. Poutine is made with French fries with a topping of cheese curds and brown gravy, which is thin chicken gravy.
The word poutine is of uncertain origins. Some sources point to poutine deriving from the word English word pudding, while other sources claim that poutine derives from the Québécois slang word for mess, so as to represent the physical appearance of the dish.
The correct pronunciation of poutine in French is poo-teen, with the stress on the second syllable. However, poutine was invented in Québec, and it could happen that you hear poutine pronounced poot-seen, as it was written with an "s" after the "t".
This difference in pronunciation from French is quite common in Quebec where if a "t" or a "d" are followed by "i", "y", "j", they become fricative and their pronunciation change: they sound as they were followed by an "s", as you can hear from the audio pronunciation.

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