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How to pronounce Poutine [Explained]
Poutine is a dish from Québec and is often considered central to Québécois cuisine. Poutine is often considered as Canada's national dish. Poutine is made with French fries with a topping of cheese curds and brown gravy, which is thin chicken gravy.
The word poutine is of uncertain origins. Some sources point to poutine deriving from the word English word "pudding", while other sources claim that poutine derives from the Québécois slang word for "mess", so as to represent the physical appearance of the dish.
The pronunciation of poutine is different in English and French.
In English, poutine is pronounced as poo-teen. However, poutine was invented in Québec, where French is the official language and poutine is a French word. It follows that the correct pronunciation of poutine is in French.
So poutine is actually pronounced as poot-seen. The only difference is that after the "t" an additional "s" must be pronounced.
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