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Phuket is a city in Thailand on Phuket island, which is also the capital of Phuket Province, in Thailand. Phuket Island is the largest island in Thailand and is often visited by tourists around the world, who especially visit the beautiful Patong Beash on the West Coast.
The name Phuket is relatively recent and its origin is unclear. However, it is widely assumed that it derives from the Malay word Bukit, which means "hill" in English because it somewhat resembles a hill when seen from a distance. Phuket was previously called Thalang, which translates to "cape", but was known to Western travellers in the past as Junk Ceylon, due to a mispronunciation of the Malay name Tanjung Salang, which means "Cape Salang".
The correct pronunciation of Phuket in Thai is P(h)oo-kett. The parenthesized "h" is present because the "h" modifies the pronunciation of the "p", making it an aspirated "p". This means that when pronouncing the "p", you exhale, thereby producing a kind of "h" sound, as heard in the audio pronunciation. Further, when pronouncing Phuket, both syllables must be stressed.

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