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Mise en place

Mise en place is a French expression that literally means putting in place. It refers to the organization of all ingredients required in professional kitchens before starting to cook. However, in French, mise en place also refers to setting the table properly for service in a restaurant, and varies depending on the kind of food and the necessary cutlery and wine glasses that are used for the type of food served.
The correct pronunciation of mise en place is me-zohn plahs.
The first two words, "mise en", have been transcribed as a single word because the way they are pronounced is as if they were a single word. The first part of the word "mise", "mi", is pronounced like the English word "me". The second part, "se", is pronounced as if it were attached to the "en", while the "s" is pronounced like a "z". The second word, "en", is somewhat complex to pronounce for non-native French speakers because it is pronounced with a nasal "n", where it can seem like the "n" is not fully pronounced. While it isn't exactly the same, a decent approximation is the "n" in the word "song". The final word, "place", is pronounced with an open "ah" sound and a final "s".

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