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Les Misérables

Les Misérables is a novel written by French author Victor Hugo in 1862, and is one of his most famous and influential works. In English, the title means the miserable ones and focuses mainly on social problems of those that are disenfranchised.
The correct pronunciation of Les Misérables is Leh Mee-zeh-rah-bluh.
The most common pronunciation mistake is to say Les as "Lay", which is commonly heard from English speakers. In French, the pronunciation of "Les" much softer and is akin to the pronunciation of "Le" at the beginning of the word "Lead". Also, the "s" in Les is silent and it is generally silent in French, unless the successive word starts with a vowel.
The beginning of Misérables, "Mi" is pronounced like the word "me". It then continues with -sé, of which the "s" is pronounced like a "z" and then has an open "eh" sound, like the "e" in "Red". The "ra" in Misérables contains a difficult sound to pronounce, which is a slightly gargled "r" that you will hear in the audio pronunciation, which for a non-native speaker can be pronounced as a soft "r" and an open "ah" sound. The last sound, -bles, contains an "e" that is pronounced with a "uh" sound. So, the -bles, is pronounced as -bluh, which is pronounced the same way you would pronounce the "blu" at the beginning of the word "blush".

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