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The hijab is a type of veil worn by Muslim women in the presence of any male outside those who are part of their immediate family. It is usually a form of clothing that covers the head and chest. Generally, however, the hijab can refer to any form of covering that conforms to Islamic standards of modesty. Within the category of hijab, there are a number of different coverings with different terminology to denote what parts of the body are covered and how they are covered.
In the Quran, the word "hijab" means curtain or partition in both the literal and metaphorical sense and was literally used to describe the curtain separating where Muhammad's wives' rooms were, in the presence of visitors.
The correct pronunciation of hijab is hee-jahb. The "h" in hijab is pronounced as a kind of whispered "h" and the "i" is pronounced with a double "e", like in the word "see". The second syllable, -jab, is pronounced like the word "jab" but with a more open "a", an "ah" sound.

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