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Gloucester is a city in Gloucestershire, in England. It is located in the South West of Engliand and lies on the River Severn. The city was founded in 97 AD by the Romans.
The name Gloucester derives from the old Gleawceaster. The name is constructed from the word Glevo, which in Celtic means "bright "place" and the ceaster, which meant Roman town. In fact, city or towns that end in chester, cester or caster in Britain usually refer to places that were a Roman military fort or camp, as is the case with Gloucester.
The pronunciation of Gloucester is often not intuitive for speakers who are not British because certain sounds of the word are silent. The "uce" part of Gloucester are silent; so the correct pronunciation of Gloucester in English is Gloh-ster. In the audio pronunciation, you will also hear that the final "r" is mute, but this is because it is pronounced with a British accent. It is not essential to pronounce it exactly in this way. What is fundamental is to note that the first part, "Glouces" is pronounced as -gloh.

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