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Faux is the French for "fake". In English, the word faux is a borrow word that is often used in association with material objects that are an imitation that look like the real item. Usually, this applies to things like fake jewellery or knock-off handbags. For example, a faux Louis Vuitton handbag or faux pearls.
The correct pronunciation of faux is foh.
Faux is often transcribed as foe or fow. However, this is a mistake because the "o" sound is much more open and is pronounced like a short "o" or "oh" sound. Instead, by pronouncing faux as foe or fow, the "o" is pronounced as a long "o", which means like the letter "o".
A good way to learn how to pronounce faux is to say the word "show" but stopping just before pronouncing the "w". Then, substitute the "sh" and pronounce an "f" instead and that is how you pronounce faux in French.

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