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Charcuterie is a French word that indicates a branch of cooking that prepares precooked and cured meats (known as cold cuts) mainly from pork and other products such as pâtés, confit and ballotines.
The word charcuterie derives from the French words "chair", which means meat and "cuit", which means cooked. Charcuterie also indicates the shop where these products are sold. However, the job of the charcutier generally translates to "pork butcher", which often leads to the misconception that only pork is sold in these shops, but this is not true, as other products are sold that come from different animals.
The correct pronunciation of charcuterie in French can be phonetically transcribed as Shahr-coo-tree. The "a" in -shahr should be pronounced in an open manner and is followed by a typically French gargled "r" sound. The "e" in -terie sounds silent, therefore making the end resemble the word "tree". However, the reason the "e" sounds silent is because the word contains a gargled "r" that makes the "e" indistinguishable from the "r".

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