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Carl Friedrich Gauss

How to pronounce Carl Friedrich Gauss [Explained]
Carl Friedrich Gauss was a German mathematician and physicist and is often considered as one of the greatest and most influential mathematicians since antiquity.
Amongst the many fields that Gauss influenced are Algebra, Geometry, Astronomy and magnetism. He is commonly known for his work in probability theory and statistics for the Gaussian or normal distribution, also known as the bell-curve.
The correct pronunciation of Carl Friedrich Gauss is Kah(r)l Free-dreeh Gah-ooss.
First of all, Carl is pronounced like you would in English but wuth the difference that the "ah" is an open "ah" sound and the "r", as often is the case in German, is barely pronounced.
Gauss, second name, Friedrich, is pronounced as Free-dreeh, with two "weak" "r"s and a final "h" that is pronounced while exhaling.
Lastly, Gauss is pronounced as Gah-ooss. Gauss has been subdivided into two distinct syllables for simplicity's sake. The first part of Gauss is pronounced with an open "ah" sound. It is then followed by a double "o" and then a double "s" sound. It is important to pronounce the two syllables distinctly, without uniting them into a single sound that would end up being pronounced as "gaws".
30/04/1777 - 23/02/1855
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