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Cannes is a small city on the French Riviera located in the south of France. Cannes is universally known for the Cannes Film Festival held in May each year since 1946, which is an important showcase for European and International films. Cannes is also a popular location for celebrities and affluent visitors because of its luxury hotels and restaurants.
The name Cannes originally was Canua; a name that probably derives from the word "canna", which is a type of plant, in the dialect from Liguria, when Cannes was a Ligurian port in the 10th century.
The correct pronunciation of Cannes is Cahn. In French, the "es" is silent, however, the "n"s at the end of Cannes must be pronounced with a certain stress, to the point it nearly sounds like cah-nnuh. Also, the "a" at the beginning of Cannes must be pronounced with an open "ah" sound.

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