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In the Hebrew Bible and successively, in Christianity and Islam, Baal, properly written as Ba'al, means false god or Satan. In Hebrew, Baal also means, "lord" or "owner" and is also the word for "husband".
The correct pronunciation of Baal is Bah-ahl. Baal is therefore pronounced with two syllables, like the correct spelling of it, Ba'al. Technically, in Hebrew, the second syllable is pronounced with a slightly more inflected "ah" sound, which is pronounced midway between an "ah" and an "eh" sound, as heard in the audio pronunciation. In both British English and American English, Baal is often pronounced like the word "bail", but this is a gross mispronunciation, however common it may be. If the Hebrew pronunciation is too difficult to reproduce, it is acceptable to pronounce Baal as Bah-ahl, with the second "ah" sound pronounced in the same way as the first.

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