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How to pronounce Anaïs Nin [Explained]
Anaïs Nin was a French-born American writer of Cuban descent. In the first half of her life she lived in France, Cuba and Spain, before spending the second half of her life living in the United States, where she then obtained citizenship. She is particularly known for her journals and erotic writing, where she detailed many of her personal relationships and affairs. With the development of the feminist movement in the 1960s Anaïs Nin gained widespread popularity, notwithstanding the fact that she disassociated from the political activism of feminism.
The correct pronunciation of Anaïs Nin is Ah-nah-eess Neen. The name Anaïs can be particularly confusing to pronounce because of the "i" that contains a diaeresis: "ï". This letter indicates that the vowel, in this case "i" must be pronounced as a separate syllable from the preceding vowel "a". In Anaïs, this separates "Ana", which is pronounced as it is phonetically read from "ïs", which is pronounced as -eess, so with a long "e", meaning a double "ee". Additionally, the final "s" in Anaïs contains a sustained "s" sound, like in the word "less". Her surname, Nin, is pronounced with a long "e" sound as well, so it sounds like -neen.
21/02/1903 - 14/01/1977
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