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Aïoli or Aioli is a sauce that is made from garlic and oil, sometimes with lemon juice and egg yolk as an emulsifier. It is a typical sauce used in Mediterranean cuisine, especially in Provence (France), on the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and in the south of Italy.
The word aioli derives from the Provençal dialect spoken in the South of France. Aioli is a compound of the words ai for "garlic" and òli for "oil".
Aioli is often mispronounced in English as EYE-ow-lee. The correct pronunciation of aioli is actually AH-yoh-lee. In French, the vowels are softer; in this case, the "a" is pronounced as the first syllable and with an open "ah" sound. The "y" sound is pronounced at the beginning of the second syllable followed by a short "o", or "oh" sound, making the second syllable, -yoh. The final syllable is essentially the same but is pronounced as if there were a small accent at the end of it.

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