28 June: today's birthdays

  • Kathy Bates - American actress. She won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Misery, in 1991
  • Gil Bellows - Canadian actor. He was Billy Allen Thomas in the TV series Ally McBeal
  • Mel Brooks - American film director and actor, born Melvin Kaminsky. He won an Oscar for Writing Original Screenplay in 1969
  • Alexis Carrel - French surgeon and biologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1912
  • Sergiu Celibidache - Romanian conductor and composer
  • John Cusack - American actor and screenwriter. He starred in Serendipity and Hot Tub Time Machine
  • Henri Léon Lebesgue - French mathematician
  • Elon Musk - South African-born Canadian-American engineer, inventor, and investor, born Elon Reeve Musk. He is the C.E.O. of Tesla
  • Kellie Pickler - American singer and songwriter
  • Luigi Pirandello - Italian playwright, author and poet, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934
  • John Carlyle Raven - English psychologist
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Swiss philosopher, writer and musician. He wrote the text Discourse on Inequality
  • Peter Paul Rubens - Flemish painter
  • John Wesley - English theologian, the founder of Methodism
  • Georges Wolinski - French cartoonist, born in Tunisia, killed during a terrorist attack on satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo
  • Muhammad Yunus - Bengali economist, Nobel Peace Prize in 2006
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