01 April: today's birthdays

  • John Abizaid - American general
  • Vitorino Gabriel Pacheco Antunes - Portuguese soccer player
  • Asa Butterfield - English actor born Asa Bopp Farr Butterfield. He starred as leading actor in the films The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Hugo, Ender's Game, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and in the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education.
  • Lon Chaney - American actor
  • Joseph de Maistre - Savoyard politician, diplomat, philosopher, writer and jurist
  • Nikolaj Vasil'evič Gogol' (Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol) - Russian writer. He wrote the novel Dead Souls
  • William Harvey - English physician and scientist
  • Jung Hae-in - Jung Hae-in is a South Korean actor who rose to prominence thanks to his roles in the Korean television series While You Were Sleeping and Prison Playbook in 2017, where he played supporting roles. In 2018, he starred in the series Something in the Rain.
    The correct pronunciation of Jung Hae-in in Korean can be phonetically transcribed as Young Heen. The vowels in Hae-in are pronounced as one single syllable that sounds like -heen. 
  • Milan Kundera - Milan Kundera is a Czech writer, poet and essayist. While he was born in the former Czechoslovakia, he was exiled to France in 1975 and since then acquired French citizenship, after having his Czech citizenship revoked in 1979. In fact, he considers himself a French writer and his work a part of the wider body of French literature. His Czech citizenship was finally restored in 2019.
    Kundera's major works included The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which is his most celebrated and important work.
    Even if Kundera is now a French citizen and considers himself as French, his name is Czech and therefore is pronounced in Czech. So, the correct pronunciation of the name Milan Kundera is MEE-lahn KOON-deh-rah. In his first name, Milan, the stress is on the first syllable -MEE, where the "i" is pronounced with a long "e", which makes an "ee" sound, like the word "see". His last name, Kundera, also has the stress on the first syllable, "Kun", which is pronounced as -KOON, with the "u" pronounced with an "oo" sound. The final two syllables in Kundera, the "e" and the "a" are pronounced in an open way, producing an "eh" and "ah" sound respectively.
  • Abraham Harold Maslow - American psychologist
  • Jacques Mayol - French free diver born in Shanghai, China. He broke several times the world record
  • Toshiro Mifune - Japanese actor
  • Jean-Étienne-Marie Portalis - French jurist
  • Sergej Rachmaninov (Sergei Rachmaninoff) - Russian pianist and conductor
  • Debbie Reynolds - American actress and singer, born Mary Frances Reynolds. The actress Carrie Fisher was her daughter
  • Phillip Schofield - English television presenter, born Phillip Bryan Schofield 
  • Clarence Seedorf - Dutch soccer player (Suriname)
  • Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck - German politician
  • Edgar Wallace - English author, journalist and screenwriter, born Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace. He is considered the creator of King Kong
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