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Cyka blyat

Cyka blyat is a Russian expletive expression that is often used in online gaming, specifically in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO.
Cyka blyat can be roughly translated to "whore bitch" and is used as an interjection. Cyka can be translated to whore, while blyat does not have an equivalent in English. Blyat can be explained as "bitch", but in the sense of a woman who will have sex with anyone. In Russia, there is an expression that can best explain the term: they often say that a prostitute will have sex for money, but a blyat will have sex for nothing.
When put together, the expression compounds and has a meaning that is close to "fucking bitch!". It is often used, for example, when a player dies, as a general interjection.
The correct pronunciation of cyka blyat in Russian is suka bleh-aht. It must be noted that because the expression is pronounced quickly, it often sounds like suka bleht. However, if you listen closely, as is heard in the audio pronunciation, there is an "eh-ah" sequence in pronouncing blyat, but it must be pronounced quickly and becomes nearly imperceptible.

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