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How to pronounce Cannabidiol
Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids present in cannabis plants and is often known by its abbreviation, CBD. Cannabidiol is one of the most studied components of marijuana for its potential medical uses and is one of its best-known components alongside THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Aside from use in medication or supplements, cannabidiol is often consumed as an extracted oil, known as CBD oil, and is consumed through inhalation, usually by being smoked or vaped.
The correct pronunciation of cannabidiol is cah-nuh-bih-DYE-ohl. Often, the most confusing part of how to pronounce cannabidiol is the "di", where people often pronounce it as -dee. However, the correct way to pronounce it is with a -DYE sound, by stressing this syllable and separating it from the successive -ohl sound.
It is also important to note how the vowels are pronounced in cannabidiol, all the vowels are pronounced as short vowels, except the stressed vowel, -DYE. This means that the "a" at the beginning of cannabidiol is pronounced with an "ah" sound. The following "a", instead, is pronounced as a short "u", rather than an "a". This means that it is pronounced with an "uh" sound. Differently from the stressed "i", which is pronounced like the letter "i", the "i" in the third syllable is pronounced as a short "i", which means its pronunciation is with an "ih" sound. The final "o" is also pronounced as a short "o", so with an "oh" sound.
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