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ASUS is a Taiwan-based multinational brand and company that specializes in phone and computer hardware and electronics.
The name ASUS is usually used in most countries, but in China it is known as Huáshuò, which means "eminence of the Chinese". The name ASUS derives from the ending of the word "Pegasus", the winged horse in Greek mythology. Choice of using the final letters, "asus", was made in order to be first in alphabetical listings.
The correct pronunciation of ASUS has been subject of debate among technology enthusiasts for a long time. This in no small part due to the fact that the company itself has changed the official pronunciation a number of times and often has released advertisements and other promotional material playing on the ambiguity of its pronunciation.
Originally, upon inquiries, the company stated that the correct way to pronounce ASUS was AH-sooss. More recently, however, the company changed their official pronunciation to EY-sooss, which is pronounced by saying the letter "A" and adding Dr. Seuss (without the "Dr." part...), and released other promotional videos playing on this "new" pronunciation. Unfortunately, the ambiguity doesn't stop there: upon inspection of other sources, ASUS UK released another video claiming that it is pronounced as EY-zooss, with a "Z". So, either there is little coordination on how they ought to pronounce their brand name or this may well be a long lasting ploy to maintain attention on their brand. In any case, by watching recent presentations by Chairman Jonney Shih and co-CEO S.Y. Hsu, they both pronounce ASUS as EY-sooss. Consequently, our audio pronunciation contains this variant, which seems to be the most official one.

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