Today's Birthdays, 23 September

    Born Cherie Booth, English lawyer, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

    English lawyer and wife of politician Tony Blair, best known as Cherie Blair

    American singer and pianist, born Ray Charles Robinson. He is considered one of the greatest of all time. Also known as The Genius

    English author and theatre critic

    Hungarian chef and cookbook writer

    Spanish singer, one of the most best selling singers of all time. He is the father of Enrique Iglesias

    French economist and journalist, murdered during the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack 

    English botanist

    Italian singer-songwriter. He had a relationship with Italian actress Stefania Sandrelli and they had a daughter, actress Amanda Sandrelli

    Catalan poet and writer. He wrote Bierville Elegies and Estances

    American actor. He won a Juvenile Oscar in 1939 and an Honorary Oscar in 1983

    Czech poet and journalist, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1984

    Brazilian soccer player

    American singer and songwriter, nicknamed The Boss. He performs with the E Street Band.

    Brazilian lawyer and politician, currently serving as 37th President of Brazil. He was born Michel Miguel Elias Temer Lulia 

    Nickname of American singer and pianist Ray Charles

    Russian revolutionary and politician

Foliage in French

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