Today's Birthdays, 14 September

    French politician

    Swedish filmmaker of Algerian descent

    American basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat in the NBA.

    French poet and writer. He wrote Passage de Milan, L'emploi du temps, and La modification 

    American politician of Italian descent, born Ronald Dion DeSantis. 

    Moroccan athlete

    Australian footballer of Italian descent, born Orazio Maurice Fantasia. This is the Italian pronunciation of his name 

    French writer and film director

    Portuguese soccer player best known as Pelé

    English physicist and laureate of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics along with David James Thouless and John Michael Kosterlitz

    South Korean film director and screenwriter. His film Parasite won four Oscar in 2020: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film.

    Russian politician

    Irish-born New Zealand actor, born Nigel John Dermot Neill 

    Russian physician, ethologist, and psychologist. He won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1904. He discovered the classical conditioning, also called Pavlovian conditioning, through his experiments with dogs

    Italian architect

    Italian architect and designer. He designed furniture, lighting, typewriters, jewellery, glass. He was married to Fernanda Pivano

    German naturalist, explorer and botanist

    English singer and songwriter 

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