30 October: today's birthdays

  • André Chénier - French poet of Greek descent. He is considered as one of the fathers of Romanticism in France
  • Angelika Kauffman - Swiss-born Austrian painter
  • Ágota Kristóf - Hungarian-born Swiss writer. She wrote in French. The Notebook (Le grand cahier) is her major work
  • Richard LaGravenese - American screenwriter
  • Claude Lelouch - French film director, screenwriter and producer. He won two Oscars
  • Linus (IT) - Pseudonym of Italian DJ Pasquale Di Molfetta
  • Louis Malle - French film director, screenwriter and producer. He won an Oscar with Jacques Cousteau for the documentary Le Monde du silence
  • Ezra Pound - American poet, the father of Imagism, a literary movement that promoted clear and sharp language in poetry. He lived for a longtime in Italy where he supported Italian Fascism
  • Alfred Sisley - English-born French painter
  • Paul Valéry - French writer, poet and aphorist, born Ambroise Paul Toussaint Jules Valéry
  • Henry Winkler - American actor, director and author, best-known for his role as Fonzie in Happy Days, born Henry Franklin Winkler 
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