Today's Birthdays, 25 October

    Former Dutch volleyball player

    French actor and film director. He is the new villain in James Bond films with Daniel Craig

    German officer and criminal

    French composer and pianist, born Alexandre César Léopold Bizet. Carmen is his major work

    French writer and politician born in Switzerland. He had a long relationship with writer Madame de Staël

    French actress. She starred in Three Rooms in Manhattan, based on the homonymous novel written by Belgian writer Georges Simenon

    American stage, film, and television actor

    Spanish painter, sculptor, poet and stage designer, born Pablo Ruiz y Picasso. He is one the most famous artists in the world and Guernica is his most famous painting

    Polish politician, lawyer and screenwriter

    Hungarian philosopher, economist and anthropologist born in Vienna, best known as Karl Polanyi

    Turkish writer born in France. Her surname was Bilgin, but she took her mother's surname which means sunrise in Turkish 

    American drummer of American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers

    English writer of Jamaican descent, born Sadie Smith. She wrote the novel White Teeth

    German philosopher

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