Today's Birthdays, 10 October

    Argentine soccer player

    Swiss sculptor, painter, draughtsman, and printmaker

    French geographer

    English journalist and writer. She was the first war correspondent to report the Nazi invasion of Poland, which marked the outbreak of World War II

    German physician and maxillofacial surgeon who discovered the submandibular gland tumor in 1896

    American philosopher born in Germany

    Catalan writer, poet, journalist, and translater

    American pianist and composer

    American singer

    Norwegian explorer, scientist and politician, Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. He created the Nansen passport, an internationally recognized document which would protect stateless refugees

    English painter of Nigerian descent.

    English playwright, poet, theatre director and actor, Nobel Prize in Literature in 2005. He wrote the play The Birthday Party 

    Catalan novelist

    American singer-songwriter and actor

    Swiss professional footballer of Kosovar-Albanian descent born in Yugoslavia 

    French novelist, Nobel Prize in Literature 1985

    Scottish guitarist, singer and songwriter, born James Ure. Along with Bob Geldof, he founded the superband Band Aid

    Italian composer

    American actor and film director

Foliage in French

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