Today's Birthdays, 6 Ottobre

    Somali politician born in Ethiopia, ​3rd President of Somalia

    German mathematician

    French aviator, war hero and tennis player. The Stade de Roland Garros in Paris was named after him

    Welsh actor.

    Swiss-born French architect, urban planner, painter and designer, best known as Le Corbusier

    Argentine political theorist

    Pseudonym of Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, Swiss-born French architect

    French physiologist

    Greek footballer

    Belgian political, born Charles Marie Jean Joseph Elvire Ghislain baron Poswick 

    American inventor and entrepreneur born Franklin Augustus Seiberling

    American actress. She starred in Leaving Las Vegas, co-star Nicolas Cage, The Saint, and Hollow Man 

    English scholar and translator

    German anatomist, best known for summarizing the nervous system studies by Italian scientist Camillo Golgi and his Spanish colleague Santiago Ramón y Cajal, both awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1906. He is also known for naming the neurone and the chromosome

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