Today's Birthdays, 28 November

    English poet and painter. Not appreciated in his time, he is now one of the greatest English poets

    English Christian writer and preacher. He wrote a Christian allegory: The Pilgrim's Progress

    Stage name of American singer Hakeem Seriki 

    American writer. He wrote of a collection of short stories, We're in Trouble and the novel You Came Back

    Mexican film director and screenwriter, born Alfonso Cuarón Orozco. He won an Oscar for Best Director and one for Best Film Editing for Gravity (2014)

    German economist, philosopher and political scientist. The father of Marxist theory, together with Karl Marx

    English fashion designer, born in Gibraltar from a Spanish family. He collaborated with French brands Givenchy and Christian Dior

    American actor. He starred in Pollock and performed in Apollo 13, The Truman Show and The Hours 

    Polish film director and screenwriter. She is one of Poland's most important filmmakers

    American inventor. He created celluloid, the first plastic substance

    Australian actor. He is Jason Stackhouse in American television drama True Blood

    Belgian anthropologist, psychologist and philosopher. Considered one of the fathers of modern anthropology

    Pen name of Italian writer and journalist Alberto Pincherle. He wrote Contempt and The Conformist

    Real name of Alberto Moravia, Italian author and journalist. He wrote Contempt and The Conformist

    American general

    American model and actress. She became famous winning the Playmate of the Year

    Austrian writer, poet, playwright, and biographer. He wrote The Royal Game, Letter from an Unknown Woman, and The World of Yesterday: Memories of a European

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